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Exhibition management: +7 (812) 600 92 62, +7 (812) 600 92 92,

I. Exhibition "HouseBuild", LENEXPO, 17 - 18 March, 2018. 

The effectiveness of participation in the exhibition is guaranteed by:

  • The exhibition aims to offer visitors solutions of the "turn-key" construction issues and successfully copes with it from exhibition to exhibition.
  • Convenient location of the exhibition area.
  • Professionalism and many years of experience of the organizers.

The program of the exhibition includes a series of seminars and master classes devoted to various aspects of the construction of a country house: design of the house, water supply and sewerage, warming of the house, etc.

Visitors of the exhibition:

  • The exhibition is held in B2C and B2B format. It is oriented to the end user and to the specialist.
  • The number of visitors of the exhibition is 20 000 people.
  • The exhibition covers an area of more than 4,000 square meters. It is divided into three parts: stands of exhibitors; conference rooms where master classes take place every hour; open exhibition space (outside).

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II. Organization of professional events. 

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Предстоящие события:

20-21.10.2018 выставка Строим Дом

Среди участников выставки:




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